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"Bill Miller has helped me better understand what my body needs in order to be a better ball player. His strength and mobility program has helped me get to the next level and build a solid foundation to continue growth.  Bill is personable and understands what athletes need to get motivated and get stronger. I highly recommend a program from him; he got it to me quickly with in-depth explanations so I can understand what workout I'm doing and why."

- Zack Jones, Arizona Diamondbacks

"I've been training with Bill for 2 years now and have put on 20 lbs and set many PR's. Not only does the training help you become stronger, but more athletic as well. I highly recommend his training programs."

-Luke Seidel

"Contrary to many strength coaches, Bill will never prescribe a workout or exercise to a client that he has not experienced himself. He is constantly implementing and experiencing new ideas, concepts and exercises within his own workouts, in the exact same manner that he would prescribe to a client. I really admire and respect this about Bill and it is a huge comfort for me as a player knowing that my coach is right there in the trenches with me experiencing the same blood, sweat and tears that I am.

What I really appreciate most about Bill is that he does not claim to “have all the answers.” He understands that strength training is a continued evolution and is never black and white. I have seen first hand the nonstop education Bill routinely participates in (reading text books, attending seminars, interviewing other coaches) and his love and dedication to continually learn and grow as a coach. In my opinion, far too many coaches become complacent with the knowledge they have and they plateau as a result of their unwillingness to continue to learn. With that being said, I can absolutely promise you, Bill will never have that problem. His appetite and enthusiasm to gain knowledge is second to no one and I believe that is the most important quality a coach can posses.

Finally, what I have grown to admire most about Bill is that he understands we are human beings first and athletes second. What I mean by this is that a majority of our time here on earth will be spent as brothers, husbands, fathers and uncles, not as pitchers and hitters. How we conduct ourselves as human beings and the contributions we make to society will serve a greater purpose then how much we achieve as an athlete or the amount of weight we lift. Bill, without question recognizes this and understands he is preparing us for not just our spot, but for life itself. I have grown to learn just as much about life as I have about training from Bill and I would not have it any other way. There is never any doubt in my mind that Bill cares about me as a person first and foremost and wants me to succeed in life just as much as he wants me to succeed in the weight room and on the field. This made all the difference in the world to me because in my eyes, a coach is first and foremost, a mentor and a role model and I could not have asked for a better one than Bill."

- Barrett Snyder

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