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Hitting Velocity Enhancement Program $20

This program utilizes underload & overload bats, various drills and exercises to help increase bat speed while maintaining the integrity of the swing.

Off-season Strength & Conditioning

15 week programs are $60. 

Consultation, exercise explanations, exercise progressions, %1RM and weight recommendations are all included.

(For questions on pricing, other lengths of programs, and consultation, please contact

Throwing Velocity Program

Includes consultation, exercise videos and explanations, recovery work.

(Use of various weighted ball drills, long toss, medicine ball exercises, manually resisted shoulder care and scapular mobility work)

Baseball Strength & Conditioning Manual

Includes strength training methods, explanations, dozens of video demonstrations and over a dozen sample workouts. All are specifically designed for baseball players!

My manual is available here

Interested in training with us? We are located in Palatine, IL and are taking semi-private and private training sessions for all ages. Click here to get in contact!